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Mighty Finance leverages advanced AI-driven credit scoring and a mobile-first platform to offer quick, flexible, and affordable loans to SMEs and individuals.

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  • Significant strides in providing quick and efficient access to funding for over 3000 SMEs and 700 individuals in Zambia
  • Empowered over 200 SMES and unbanked and underbanked populations by providing accessible financial solutions and financial literacy training
  • Actively contributes to community development and job creation, aligning with Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) 1, 5, 8, and 10
  • Engaged in 11 strategic partnerships with local businesses and financial institutions to expand market reach and enhance service offerings
  • Present in three towns in Zambia
  • Consistent Revenue Growth: closed 2023 south of 2million Kwacha with investment of 1,800,000.00 only
  • Recognized for its innovative approach and impact on financial inclusion and community development from Silicon Valley, NTBC Zambia, Female Founders and UN Women.

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October 24th, 2024


Mighty Finance is a pioneering tech-enabled financial services company founded in 2021, dedicated to providing secured loans to small businesses and individuals in Zambia. Leveraging advanced AI and digital technology, we facilitate quick and efficient access to funding, helping SMEs grow and individuals achieve their financial goals.


Problem: Many SMEs and individuals in Zambia face significant challenges accessing timely and affordable credit. Traditional financial institutions often have lengthy approval processes, high-interest rates, and stringent collateral requirements, which hinder economic growth and financial inclusion. This gap in the market results in limited opportunities for small businesses to expand and for individuals to meet urgent financial needs. Furthermore, there is a lack of financial literacy and support for sustainable financial management among these underserved groups.

Solution: Mighty Fin leverages advanced AI-driven credit scoring and a mobile-first platform to offer quick, flexible, and affordable loans to SMEs and individuals. By streamlining the loan approval process and providing transparent fee structures, Mighty Fin enhances accessibility and trust among borrowers. Additionally, we offer financial education resources to help clients manage their finances responsibly and improve their creditworthiness. This approach not only addresses the immediate need for credit but also supports long-term financial health and growth.


Interest Income:

Loan Products: Mighty Fin offers various loan products to SMEs and individuals, including short-term, medium-term, and long-term loans. The primary source of revenue comes from the interest charged on these loans. The interest rates are competitive yet designed to ensure profitability while remaining affordable for borrowers.
Microloans: Small, high-interest loans provided to individuals and micro-enterprises. These are designed for quick turnaround and address immediate financial needs.

Fees and Commissions:
Loan Origination Fees: Charged at the initiation of a loan, this fee covers the administrative costs associated with processing and approving loans.
Late Payment Fees: Penalties charged for overdue payments, incentivizing timely repayment and compensating for the additional risk and administrative costs.
Transaction Fees: Fees collected on various transactions processed through our platform, such as loan disbursements and repayments.


Mighty Fin operates in Zambia's growing financial services market, which targets over 1.5 million SMEs and an estimated 4 million individuals in need of financial services. The SME finance gap alone is projected to be over $2 billion USD, highlighting significant untapped potential. Additionally, with a large portion of the population still underbanked, there is ample opportunity to expand financial inclusion and capture a substantial market share.

We have been licensed by the Magistrate Court to operate. Curated over 12 strategic partnerships. Our customer acquisition cost has been reduced to $8 and our LTV:CAC is at 3:1. Our retention rate is currently 72% we have served 0ver 3800 clients since inception. We have received over five recognition awards. Bootstrapped mostly but raised $120,000 as initial investment in equity and debt.


Expansion Across Africa:

Extend Mighty Fin’s services to multiple African countries, becoming a leading financial technology provider on the continent.
Establish regional offices to better understand and serve local markets, starting with East and Southern Africa.

Product Diversification:
Develop and introduce a wider range of financial products, including insurance, savings accounts, and investment opportunities tailored for SMEs and individuals.
Launch specialized loan programs for sectors like agriculture, healthcare, and education to support sustainable development in various industries.

Advanced AI and Data Analytics:
Enhance our AI-driven credit scoring models with advanced machine learning algorithms to further reduce default rates and improve lending accuracy.
Implement predictive analytics for better customer insights and personalized financial services.

Financial Inclusion and Literacy:
Expand our financial literacy programs to reach over 100,000 individuals and SMEs, fostering a more financially educated population.
Partner with educational institutions and NGOs to integrate financial literacy into community programs and school curricula.

Sustainable Practices:
Incorporate ESG (Environmental, Social, and Governance) criteria into all aspects of our business operations to promote sustainability.
Launch green financing options to support environmentally friendly projects and businesses.

Innovative Technology Integration:
Invest in blockchain technology for secure, transparent, and efficient financial transactions.
Develop a comprehensive digital wallet system that integrates various financial services, including payments, loans, savings, and investments.

Strategic Partnerships:
Form strategic alliances with global tech firms, financial institutions, and development agencies to enhance our service offerings and reach.
Collaborate with government agencies to support national financial inclusion initiatives and regulatory advancements.

Customer-Centric Growth:
Maintain a customer satisfaction rate of above 95% through continuous improvement of customer service and product offerings.
Use customer feedback and data to drive innovation and ensure our products meet evolving market needs.

Scalable Infrastructure:
Build a scalable and resilient technology infrastructure to support rapid growth and high transaction volumes.
Ensure robust cybersecurity measures to protect customer data and maintain trust.

Impact Measurement and Reporting:
Implement comprehensive impact measurement frameworks to track and report on social, economic, and environmental impacts.
Regularly publish impact reports to demonstrate our contributions to financial inclusion and sustainable development goals.

The funds will be used to expand our loan portfolio, allowing us to serve a larger number of SMEs and individuals. Additionally, we will invest in enhancing our technology infrastructure, particularly our AI-driven credit scoring and mobile platforms, to improve efficiency and customer experience. Finally, a portion of the funds will be allocated to marketing and customer acquisition efforts to drive growth and market penetration.


Location: ZM | @mightyfinancesolution |


Vwanganji Bowa

George Munganga

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